Is your boss insane?

Does he take bad decision all day long, telling you to work on useless things while you know what needs to be done?

Are you colleagues insane?

Do you think their design could be better? Their code more robust? That their architecture could be more testable? That they should use this and that framework? That they don’t know how to code but you do?

Are you insane?

Do you do whatever is in your power to help your boss and colleagues to understand what you think is important? Do you know the reason behind your boss’ decisions? Do you understand the business, the competitors, how your product compares to others? Do you suggest improvements and changes of priority when you see fit or do you stay silent? Do you coach your colleagues when you know something they don’t? Do you learn every thing you can from your colleagues, either personally or professionally?

If you start to think others are crazy, think again. Bring yourself to the center and check what you can do to understand them. Sometimes it does not take much except a small thing called ‘communication’. Talk to people, understand them, know why the act the way they do. Then maybe what you saw as ‘insanity’ will go away… most of the time.

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