Unreasonable Fear

Sometimes, developers are a bunch of wimps.

We get so comfortable with our programming language that many of us are afraid to try something else.

Many of us learn one programming language (Java, C# or something else) and we stick to it no matter what. We do use libraries and frameworks and we’re often eager to try a new one in our project. But talks about learning a new programming language are usually met with quick rejection. We want to stay in our comfort zone.

I think something is wrong with this picture. Is learning Ruby on Rails really more difficult than learning Spring? Is Hibernate really simpler than activerecord?

Why are developers afraid of trying something new? Some problems can be solved easily in Clojure or Erlang. Are you sure Java/C# is the solution to your problem? It might be part of the solution, but probably not the entire solution.

Discovering ruby (and rails), I see flaws in Java that I didn’t see before. I learn a different way of doing things that expands my knowledge. When I come back to Java, I see problems from another point of view and sometimes use a different solution than I would before learning ruby.

Why are you still afraid?

2 thoughts on “Unreasonable Fear”

  1. I agree with you we should not be afraid to discover new language, but being an expert in one langage is also a good thing.

    I often switch from java to .net and everytime i discover new thing because the langage is constantly evoluating. And i pretty sure that i don’t use all the capacity of each langage..

    Ex: When i return to java i use to use the same old ArrayList() constructor until someone show me the google collection.

    So don’t be afraid to use new langage … but also don’t be afraid to ask question.

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