Programming is Hard, Shipping is Harder

For the past year I’ve done lots of experimentation with various libraries and I had a lot of fun using ruby. Tinkering is fun, but it doesn’t get anything finished. I have a tendency to hop from pet project to pet project, never finishing anything (or worse yet in my deranged mind, releasing something half finished).

That’s basically what my friend forced me to understand by harassing me to ship an application online (or so my deranged mind remembers from our last conversation :)). Now I can thank him because it’s done.

I give you the The Pomodoro Assistant.

Since I use the Pomodoro Technique at work, I went with a simple app that allows me to manage my pomodoros. The design is ugly and it’s still lacking many features. However it’s online and available for you to use if you desire. And I’m already using it at work so it must be kind of useful.

I’m eagerly waiting for comments and feedbacks.

5 thoughts on “Programming is Hard, Shipping is Harder”

  1. Congrats Mathieu!

    I’m really happy to see you releasing 😉
    I’ll continue to strech you out of your confort zone as you ask for ;-D

    Good job, I’m gonna use your pomodoro assistant right now to study my coaching course!!

  2. There are lots of tools that are more complete than mine for now – for me it’s an experiment about the release process of web applications, learning new technologies and (later) add a few customized features

    It’s far from being finished, consider it a development release.

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