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Python One Liner

I keep forgetting this simple way to start a HTTP server to serve files from the current directory… Now it’s going to be here for eternity

python -m SimpleHTTPServer

Then point browser to http://localhost:8000
This blog shall become an extension of my brain…

Keyboard Powered Web Search

For the past two weeks I’ve used DuckDuckGo as my search engine. It’s a search engine built on open-source software. What made me switch is the capacity to navigate through search results with the keyboard using vi-like keys (hjkl).

I didn’t know at the time but Google also allows you do something similar. You just need to go to (also works for and I guess most other domains). There you can opt-in to be part of the Keyboard shortcuts experiment. That’s it! J/K are used to navigate through search results, O (or enter) to open them.

Hopefully this is going to be useful for the other keyboard junkies out there.

Quix – Put Your Browser on Steroids

I’ve been been using the web differently lately.

I discovered a nice application that allows me to wrap my web experience in a nice bundle.

It’s called Quix. And it allows me to use the web on steroids.

Quix is an extensible bookmarklet. It allows you to quickly access your favorite web sites – do an google search, look for a book on Amazon, bookmark a page on delicious… I don’t have to touch the mouse! It’s like a command line tool for the web.

But the real power comes from the extensibility. By default Amazon searches are done on Since I live in Canada, I find it a bit annoying. So I start to write my own Quix file. You can find it on

So far I added these commands to my Quix file:

  • search (a pragmatic programmer) – I overwrote the default search for this one
  • SAQ wine search (saq veuve clicquot)
  • Javadoc search (java hashmap)
  • rubydoc search (ruby array)

Quix has a page to configure custom bookmarklets. I then configured Chrome with the Shortcut Manager extension. Now I just press Ctrl-Q and I’m all set to enter any of the commands above.

Give it a try, you won’t regret it.

Quix in Chrome
Quix in Chrome